Our beliefs



It all starts with one conviction:

we exist because we want to make a difference.

That is why we end up crafting solutions to problems often deemed unsurmountable...

Our weapons of choice: imagination and determination.

We're blessed because we now live a fantastic age, one of mobile connectivity, apps, bots and unbridled innovation...

One where it is easy to exchange with almost anyone anywhere.

Mobile money, sponsored by mobile operators or banks, is such a defining innovation. It has the power to connect millions at scale.

It creates an infrastructure on which we can partner with others to build a bigger universe.

For us, engineers, designers, builders, it's a powerful stage. One where we can dream sleeker, better services for users.

Digital finance is our playground and Africa is our land of choice.  

To do that, we follow simple rules:

  • observe people

  • learn what they need

  • craft improved solutions.

Without restraint, we strive to enrich or simplify products and services.

We have only one fight :

make a difference for those who need it

Our resources :  Our brains, our culture, our drive, our empathy.